Railways and Airport

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Since its inception, railways has been backbone of trade and commuting in India. With introduction of metro in capital, a huge chunk of daily commuters have started relying on the fastest and cheapest mode of public transport. Apex Buildsys has been dedicated in designing and building of stations for Indian railways and Delhi metro, ensuring them to work at their full potential


Advantages of PEB in railways:


 Our iconic projects:

 DMRC, Delhi

 Area: 39597 square meters

Usage: Metro Station

Tonnage: 2000 metric ton

 Key Feature:

Length: 140 metre

Curved Roof

Elevated Stations

MRVC, Mumbai

Area: 33000 square meters

Usage: Railway Workshop

Tonnage: 2516 metric ton

 Airport Hangers:

We have been honoured by serving our defence forces and designing aircraft hangers for Indian Air Force. We have designed and successfully erected hangers for aircrafts nationwide.

Our iconic project

Aircraft Hanger, Agra

Area: 5625 square meters

Usage: Hanger

Tonnage: 675 metric ton



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