Capacity Of Production

Asia’s one of the largest plants - Art of facility Nagpur / Pantnagar

  • Machine Installed Capacity: 1,20,000 MT/Annum
  • More than 90% of the equipment are imported from Europe, the FarEast and US.
  • The drilling operation is carried on CNC automatic. The drilling machine, punching machines and 3D axial machines are used for precise bolted connections.
  • Total number of 6 H-Beam welding lines with matching capacity of cold form and sheeting lines.
  • The plant is equipped with 8 dedicated Submerged Arc Welding (SAW) machines and two heavy structure machines are under installation with semi-automatic and automatic welding, butt welding, flange and WEB SAW welding, tilting both sides welding, pre-heating and straightening with options of stable rimmed and fast traveling for H-Beam, box beam and T-Section